Community Involvement

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We Support the Communities We Live and Build In

Murphy Company is a family-owned company that cares deeply about the communities we live in and serve. We encourage our employees and their families to volunteer and support organizations that make our communities better. We go a step further by putting corporate donations, fun events, and recognition behind their volunteer efforts, creating a true partnership for our corporate philanthropy.

When we see our employees trying to outdo each other in fundraising or volunteer hours, we know we’re doing something right! Murphy Company’s passion for community extends to hundreds of non-profit organizations that serve children and families in Missouri and Colorado. Together, Murphy Company and its employees help build stronger, healthier communities. We also continually build countless facilities that have an effect on the lives of everyone; from vaccines to satellites, Murphy Company builds it all.

Community Involvement

Murphy Company has always been and continues to be a good steward of the communities we serve.

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Community Impact – Supporting the industries we all need

From tracking Santa Claus to pet food, Murphy Company builds mechanical systems that supports all sorts of industries that we utilize in our every day lives!

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Airplane Manufacturing

Speaking of air travel! We build, renovate, and maintain the facilities that make brake pads for commercial airliners, specifically jumbo/international planes. (Collins Aerospace in Pueblo, formerly UTC) We built the new manufacturing center for Woodward Governor, which makes control valves for jet engines and the chemical composites that go into jet engine housings. (Boulder Scientific)

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Have you taken a flight from DEN or STL? We build, renovate, and service facilities for the 3rd busiest airport in the world. We have touched nearly all the functions that keep our airport running. (Restaurants, Shops, Offices, Garages, Lounges, and De-Icing Facilities)

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Armed Forces

We build mechanical systems that support all facets of our armed forces. (Buckley, Shriever, Fort Carson, Peterson, Air Force Academy)

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Beer! We have built and maintained the systems at Anheuser-Busch, Coors, New Belgium Breckenridge, Blue Moon, and many others.
Whiskey too – Laws Distillery and Stranahans.

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Bottled Water

If you drink bottled water, we have built systems for Nestle Water. If you drink tap water and live in Denver – we have built many systems for Denver Water.

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We serve the semiconductor industry. These facilities make microchips that are used in your computers and other devices. (Broadcom, Avago, Entegris, Micro-Chip)

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Our teams worked around the clock to convert parts of the hospitals into clean spaces to treat critically ill COVID patients. We supported the manufacture of COVID vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and built COVID-Test manufacturing facilities (LightDeck Diagnostics, now Heska)

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Data Centers

We build, maintain, and update critical systems for data centers that handle important and secure transactions in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many other network systems across the country. (Centene, Wells Fargo, Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft, FedEx, Google, Sungard, JPM Chase, and many more!)

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Who orders Pizza? We built and renovated mechanical systems for LePrino Cheese, one of the largest cheese manufacturers in the world. Potato Chips – Frito-Lay. Bread – Boulder Brands. Pastries – Bimbo Bakeries. Tea – Celestial Seasonings.

grocery store

Grocery Stores

When you walk into a grocery store and put something in your grocery cart that is refrigerated or frozen, odds are our team has made that happen!

(Dierbergs, Schnucks, Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart, and many more!)

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Higher Education

If you or your kids went to Mizzou, WashU, CU, CSU, UNC, DU, Mines, UCCS, or Metro State – we build and maintain their facilities.

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If you or a loved one have needed medical gas for a procedure or surgery, it was likely installed by Murphy Company’s talented crafts. We work in almost every hospital in the Denver metro area and many in St. Louis! 

We maintain the air handling units that deliver clean air to operating rooms and ICU units. (Mercy Hospital, Denver Health, SSM Health, Children’s, HCA, Centura Health, and many others)

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Pet Food

Helping feed our furry friends! Murphy Company has helped get pet food to market with our work at Purina and Bond Pet Food.

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We have built facilities that have produced lifesaving drugs, including drugs that fight cancer. (Amgen, Agilent, KBI, Corden, AstraZeneca, AGC Biologics, Loxo Oncology, and many others)

We are currently building the largest research facility in the world to study and find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease!

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We have worked on and maintained Xcel Energy that powers our homes and the turbines in these plants use Woodward Governor controllers.

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Santa Claus

We have done work for the government base that tracks Santa Claus! Yes, that is true! We have done work at NORAD in Colorado Springs. (i.e. “Wargames” 1983 movie) Today, that facility is marketed as the US HQ facility that tracks Santa!

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We built a facility that enabled satellites for GPS tracking. (Lockheed ATLO)

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We install and maintain building automation and security systems that keep building occupants secure, monitor critical systems, and minimize downtime. (City of Kirkwood, Safety National, Enterprise Center, Flight Safety, MLS Stadium)

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Going to a game? Whether you go to a baseball, soccer, football, or hockey game you will see our work! We completed Ballpark Village where many of you pre-game prior to a Cardinals game. We installed the mechanical piping system that makes the ice at Enterprise Center and the Centene Ice facility. We also recently completed all the mechanical and plumbing systems at CITYPARK!

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Have you used a telephone? If so, the systems we have built support cell and telephone service. Landline: Lumen, formerly Centurytel: Switch facilities throughout Colorado.
Cell: Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint