Automation Controls

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Customized Solutions For Your Business

Whether installing an automation system as part of a larger project or as an upgrade to an existing building or system, Murphy Company has the expertise to guide you through the process. Designing, installing, and maintaining Building Automation Systems allows Murphy to service and maintain all of your mechanical systems while achieving maximum system efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business
For over twenty years, Murphy Company’s team of talented Building Automation Systems specialists have been designing, installing, and managing HVAC systems for our commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

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Our HVAC control products offer numerous benefits, such as decreasing the impact on the environment, cutting energy costs, and improving the comfort of your facility. Our Building Automation Systems not only have the ability to regulate your buildings’ functions, but they continue to collect data that can help you explore ways to minimize costs and increase efficiency.

Our experience and knowledge enhances our ability to control and maintain all of your HVAC units, while achieving maximum system efficiency and cost effectiveness through system feedback.

Our HVAC Building Automation Systems are here to help your facility operate effectively and efficiently. Because our services are customized to the unique needs of your business, you receive a solution that solves your issues and meets your company standards. Our tailored solutions will help enhance productivity while also providing a high level of comfort and convenience to your workers. Contact us today to learn more about how our Building Automation Systems can impact your business!

What Sets Us Apart
  • Energy Management
    Our effective management resources provide energy conservation and reduce the operating expenses of a facility.
  • Integrated Solutions
    We have the ability to provide one management tool by merging dissimilar systems together in one centralized platform.
  • Open Protocols
    We implement BACnet, LonWorks, ModBus and a wide variety of 3rd party drivers into our projects.
  • Sustainability
    We provide solutions to owners that allow for their existing automation controls system to maximize the longevity of the equipment.
  • Tridium Niagra
    Murphy Company utilizes a universal software infrastructure allowing integrators to build custom, web-enabled applications for facility management controls.

Professional Solutions

Murphy Company’s access control experts can monitor and create secure access to your facility for employees and visitors, thereby enhancing your businesses’ safety and security measures.

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Our access control solutions are presented on a centralized, web-enabled Tridium Niagara Platform. This allows integration of other assets, such as lighting controls, HVAC, and video surveillance into a single platform to simplify your facility management needs.

The safety and protection of your facility is important to us. When looking for a company to plan your next access control system, look to Murphy Company to plan and install the perfect fit for your access control needs.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Asset Protection
    Our services provide selective restriction of access to protect your physical assets. This provides our customers peace of mind knowing their facility is safe and secure.
  • Biometric Readers
    Murphy Company will install a high-level, state-of-the-art security system that relies on measurable physical characteristics for authorized access. This will ensure that only authorized users have access to specific areas of your building.
  • Card Access Controls
    We will install a door access control system in your facility. This will assist with monitoring employee and visitor access so you are aware of who is entering the facility and when.
  • Integrated Platform
    With our professional solutions, you will receive intelligent energy conservation and comfort control by our team implementing an integrated platform.
  • Parking Garage System
    We can install electronic card access systems allowing you to manage your garage access.

Secure Your Facility

Our video surveillance systems are a key component to protecting your facility.

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Our team will meet with you to determine your video surveillance needs and which solution is best for protecting your business. Developing a comprehensive video surveillance plan increases the security to not only your building, but your employees as well.

Murphy Company’s video surveillance solutions will assist in keeping your company and your employees safe. Our team will tailor a surveillance system to meet your needs, leaving you with the safest and most effective solution possible. 

What Sets Us Apart

  • Digital Video Recording
    We provide customers with tapeless digital recording systems that offer advanced playback features, storage capabilities, and alarms.
  • Employee Protection
    Our video camera surveillance deploy overt camera protection providing peace of mind in the workplace.
  • Enterprise Solutions
    Our team can connect multiple webcam surveillance video systems and seamlessly manage them from a centralized server.
  • IP Technology
    The Murphy team will implement high resolution cameras and video equipment that utilize IR technologies including power over Ethernet (POE).
  • Loss Prevention
    Murphy Company will provide and install video surveillance systems to reduce preventable losses and enhance overall facility security.
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