Virtual Construction

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Enhancing Quality While Saving You Time and Money

Murphy Company has developed true CAD/CAM capabilities with its fabrication shops. Proven cost savings can be achieved as a result of Murphy Company’s in-house pre-fabricated assemblies. This process helps accelerate on-site installation, producing additional value and superior quality results for our customers.

Leaders in Virtual Construction Since 1997

Murphy Company has been at the forefront of virtual construction since 1997 and continues to invest in the latest technology and estimating capabilities. With over 20 years of experience with 3D CAD and 30 BIM technicians, we meet the needs of our customers no matter the type of project.

Virtual Construction allows us to build the project twice: once on the computer screen and once at the job site. This way, our engineers can construct the building information model the exact same way we will construct the project. Giving us the ability to estimate, coordinate, schedule, and complete the project on time and within budget.

Benefits to Murphy’s Virtual Construction Approach

Complete coordination, fabrication, installation, and as-built drawings
Encourages pre-planning
Fewer trade coordination change orders
Improved maintenance functionality
Maximizes pre-fabricated assemblies
Shorter schedules
Lower construction costs
Optimizes trade installation sequence
Complete project visualization prior to actual construction
Reduces waste and redundant field layout and rework