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Nike AirMI Expansion

Murphy Company installed all mechanical and plumbing systems for the 40-plus million dollar plant expansion within Nike AirMI‘s manufacturing facility is in St. Charles, Missouri. All the work was completed without disrupting the 365/24/7 schedule of the international footwear manufacturer.

The facility’s new water-cooled chiller plant consists of three 600-ton HVAC chillers and two 600-ton process chillers, eight cooling tower cells, and new pumping systems.

This design-assist project involves three separate manufacturing building additions with new utilities and HVAC service for each addition. Murphy has upgraded the existing building with all-new HVAC systems that include six new 160-ton chilled water air-handling units and two 25,000 cfm dedicated outdoor air units.

All new utilities were supported by a new pipe bridge being installed in the existing building because the current building infrastructure could not handle the new piping.

Owner Nike AirMI
Building Type Factory/Manufacturing
Project Size $16,000,000
Contract Type GMP, Design-Assist
Completion Date 2020
Project Duration 33 Months

Murphy Team

William Conaway (Project Manager)
Conrad Philipp (Project Executive)
Mike Werdes (Precon Manager)
Robert Grossmann (Lead Estimator)
Brian Vaughan (Engineer)
Steven Harting (Engineer)
Luke Toedebusch (Plumbing Foreman)
Jeff Welch (Piping Foreman)
Vic Ashley (Sheet Metal Foreman

Project Team

General Contractor: Alberici Corporation
Engineer: McClure Engineering
Architect: Fox Architects
Electrical: Guarantee Electric

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal