Agua Dulce Technologies – Phase 2 Installation

Murphy Company was contracted to construct a new pilot wastewater purification plant in Littleton, CO, to demonstrate a new membrane pervaporation technology that could generate thousands of gallons of freshwater per day from fracking and other wastewater.

Our team fabricated and installed the stainless steel process piping, natural gas piping, and vacuum piping. We also installed a new boiler system and sheet metal flues and vents. Murphy was responsible for leveling an existing platform/mezzanine in order to create the proper slope for the system. Murphy rigged and set four, approximately 3,000-gallon, tanks to be used in the purification process. A challenge this project presented was performing a vacuum test on the main process header and filtration units; we were successful in achieving the desired vacuum across the system. This vacuum was essential for the process to work and this project was completed with zero recordable injuries.

Owner Agua Dulce Technologies
Building Type Pilot Plant
Project Size $570,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2021
Project Duration 3 Months

Murphy Team

Operations Manager: Brad Andrews
Project Manager: John Dillon
Superintendent: Josh Collins
Piping Foreman: Rory Vickers

Project Team

Engineer: Agua Dulce Technologies

Scope of Work

Process Piping