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Blue Moon Restaurant & Brewery

Murphy Company mobilized on-site at the end of December 2015 and started installation in January 2016. All of the plumbing systems needed to be installed underground as the building existed, but was a blank slate. After we installed three drain systems – all cast iron (Sanitary Waste, Grease Waste, and Process (Brewery) Waste), we were able to mobilize the sheet metal workers to start installing duct alongside the plumbers who were installing the above-ground piping.

Alongside this job, we had a separate contract with Newland Systems Inc. (NSI) where we started installing the process piping for the brewery. The aesthetic of the Blue Moon Brewing Company Restaurant and Brewery was industrial, which made it a very difficult project to work on. Concerns with the double barrel wood roof being able to support all of the new install, Hyder had to add 2x12s to all of the existing trusses where we were hanging pipe and duct. Another challenging aspect is the angle the roof takes and hangs from the structure. Also, the circular shape of the bar made installing the bar equipment difficult as the radius of the bar was hard to pipe some of this equipment, but the Murphy team overcame all the challenges and supplied MillerCoors with a beautiful facility on time and within budget.

Owner MillerCoors
Building Type New Construction
Project Size $1,400,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2016
Project Duration 6 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Vince Rogers
Plumbing Foreman: Doug Miner
Sheet Metal Foreman: Scott Jerlow

Project Team

General Contractor: Hyder Construction
Engineer: McGrath

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal