porter cancer care center (breast cancer center)

Centura Health – Porter Cancer Care Center Upgrade

Murphy Company was contracted to complete a full HVAC, piping, plumbing, and medical gas renovation within the Porter Cancer Care Facility, which needed to remain in full operation during the three-phased renovation project.

The obvious challenge was the requirement to maintain all services to the functional areas during construction. Numerous challenges were encountered during the project, especially with the MRI Suite on the level below, and other medical offices on the level above us. Plumbing was installed during off hours on the level below, with routing significantly revised due to obstacles not apparent on the drawings. A very creative solution was employed to mitigate a waste piping conflict between the existing structures preventing routing below, and then with the perimeter heating water baseboard yielding a positive result, we were allowed to continue our installation. Multiple existing conditions, most were unforeseen, and incomplete drawings required our team to devise and propose appropriate solutions. We encountered these conditions while in the progress of the installation and had to submit RFI’s/Clarifications for approved direction.

A significant reroute of the existing medium-pressure duct main was required to accommodate the new ceiling details and elevation. Temporary ducts were routed and connections were made during off hours to avoid disruption of air distribution to the occupied spaces, which also allowed ceiling and soffit construction to continue in the construction area. We also addressed and corrected several existing, questionable components, and installation methods within the facility. Our field foremen did an excellent job of proposing workable solutions and overcoming the challenges faced.

Owner Centura Health
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $700,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2017
Project Duration 8 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Dan Kaufman
Piping Foreman: Paul Combest
Plumbing Foreman: Les Rice
Sheet Metal Foreman: Steven Romero

Project Team

General Contractor: Porter Hospital Construction Engineer: Cator Ruma
Architect: Studio TEN
Electrical: Encore Electric

Scope of Work

Med Gas