Corden Pharma – 022/026 Vessel

Murphy was contracted to replace two 16,000-liter reactor vessels. Also included were new process and utility piping to each vessel. The first phase of construction was demo of the structural steels surrounding the existing vessels and then removing the vessels themselves. While this work was taking place, prefabrication of the process piping and utility piping was being completed in both the Denver fabrication shop and the small shop at Corden.

Rack piping from the new vessels transferring product to the inside of the plant was fabricated with no field welds required. Murphy subcontracted a structural steel firm to fabricated and install new support steel and platform to go around both tanks. Once the steel was in place, two new 16,000-liter vessels were set into place. The pre-fabricated process and utility piping were installed shortly thereafter. Instrumentation and pneumatic tubing were completed to finish the job.

Murphy was given a tight schedule to complete all the work, and through pre-planning and prefabrication, we were able to deliver a complete project safely and allowed the client to maintain their production schedule.

Owner Corden Pharma
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $800,000
Contract Type GMP
Completion Date 2013
Project Duration 3 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Bradley Andrews
Piping Foreman: Greg Pflipsen

Project Team

Engineer: CH2M
Electrical: IES, Inc.

Scope of Work

Process Piping