Corden Pharma – Plant 3 Southeast Room 119 ANFD

This project included rigging an ANFD into an existing room in the Plant 3 Southeast at Corden Pharma. Within our scope, we had to fabricate and install a complete process and utility buildout that included C-22 Hastelloy and 316L Stainless Steel piping and tubing. We also fabricated and installed a custom “Halo” pipe support above the dryer, in addition to many other piping supports off the surrounding walls within the room. In addition to the piping, a complete supply/return/exhaust duct system was installed to support this processing room.

The ANFD buildout project in Room 119 is a challenging project for many reasons. Room 119 has very limited space to work in and it was challenging to fit piping, tubing, and pipe supports in the existing room. In order to supply process and utility piping to the room, we had to tie in and route our supply outside of the room in tight spaces. Our pipefitting crews did an excellent job fitting through tight spaces and trimming out multiple panels, manifolds, & bulkhead panels. There were a lot of long lead items such as diaphragm valves, regulators, Hastelloy pipe, tube, and fittings, and a lot of Swagelok fittings that were paramount to the success of this project. A lot of time was spent collaborating with vendors to ensure the tracking and delivery of the material was on schedule.

The Thornton fabrication shop did an outstanding job of supporting pipe fabrication throughout this project. They did a great job communicating with the team about priorities and producing spools in a timely manner. The on-site crews also did a fantastic job in fabricating and installing a plethora of piping and tubing and completing this project without any recordable injuries.

Owner Corden Pharma
Building Type Existing Building Fitout
Project Size $1,700,000
Contract Type GMP
Completion Date 2022
Project Duration 10 Months

Murphy Team

Operations Manager: Brad Andrews
Project Manager: Justin Rheinheimer
Superintendent: Greg Pflipsen
Piping Foreman: Sam Sprague & Brian Dougherty Sheet Metal Foreman: Joe Oletski

Project Team

General Contractor: Murphy Company
Engineer: Innovae & APECS
Electrical: Wunderlich-Malec

Scope of Work

Med Gas
Sheet Metal