Corden Pharma – Plant 3 Southeast ANFD Install

Corden Pharma hired Murphy Company to install a 0.6m2 Filter Drawing (ANFD) to increase their production capabilities greatly and streamline the final stage of the production cycle. As the lead time for the dryer was 22 months, we were able to work closely with Corden to plan out the entire job from demo, to pre-fabrication, to installation and final commissioning. Corden also requested assistance from our Design-Build group to assist with the HVAC design. Christine Beermann was brought on early to work with Corden on their requirements and engineered the new AHU units, exhaust fans, and ductwork for the labs. Christine also was critical in the air balancing of the room and the critical nature of air changes and cleanliness of the room within the requirements.

Our craftsmen started by demoing the two existing 10,000-gallon vessels from the room safely to make room for the new dryer. Our Murphy superintendent worked with Vista Engineering and APECs to assist with the design of piping layout and drawings. We were able to prefabricate 90% of the piping and eliminated almost all field welds and hot work requirements. Installation of all piping went smoothly and safely. The biggest challenge of the job was installing the filter dryer into the space. The dryer weighed roughly 25,000 lbs. and had to fit through a tight access point. The craftsmen worked with Corden’s safety and engineering staff to successfully unload the vessel, move it into space, and hang it into place. This was a very well-planned task, and installation was completed without any incidents.

Owner Corden Pharma
Building Type Existing Building Fitout
Project Size $1,800,000
Contract Type GMP
Completion Date 2018
Project Duration 16 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Brad Andrews
Superintendent: Greg Pflipsen
Piping Foreman: Rodney Chapman
Sheet Metal Foreman: Joe Oletski

Project Team

Engineer: Vista Engineering
Electrical: Riviera

Scope of Work

Process Piping
Sheet Metal