enterprise corporate office building

Enterprise Rent-a-Car Corporate Office

Murphy Company was contracted by Enterprise to complete the renovation of their five-story 350,000-square-foot office headquarters in the nine-month construction schedule. The HVAC system featured a central plant chilled water system with variable speed pumping for energy efficiency. The system’s airside was variable air volume with variable speed motor on the air-handling units. We installed two heat wheels to maximize energy efficiency.

The heating hot water system has six 95% efficiency boilers that serve fan terminals with hot water heat. The complete HVAC system was tied together with a direct digital control (DDC) control system, which managed space temperatures, and optimum start and stop of the system for energy efficiency. The plumbing system was 75% prefabricated at the Murphy Plumbing Prefabrication Shop. We used energy-efficient domestic water heaters and water-efficient water closets and urinals.

Owner Enterprise
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $3,500,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 1995
Project Duration 12 Months

Murphy Team

Conrad Phillipp: Project Manager
Ron Spurr: Lead Engineer
Art Reichert: Piping Foreman
Ken Schilling: Sheetmetal Foreman
Joe Galvin: Plumbing

Project Team

General Contractor: McCarthy
Engineer: Murphy Company
Electrical: Bell Electric

Scope of Work