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Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority – Bioscience 3 – Core & Shell

Murphy Company was contracted to assist Mortenson Construction in creating a 118,000-square-foot, three-story innovation center that will house several life science and research and development companies expanding Fitzsimons’ Innovation Campus.

The initial project created the core and shell space that would hold future wet and dry labs, offices, warehousing, and manufacturing in the flexible mixed-use spaces. The Murphy team was brought on board early through the design-build process upon award in August 2017. Murphy Company provided added value in many aspects. As an early partner in the design development process, we were able to create an efficient, constructible design that allowed for effective budget management and minimal changes.

As the project progressed into the construction phase, Murphy was able to resolve many issues internally without burdening the overall project team. Our early involvement of trade foreman and vendors were key factors in this internal issue resolution process. Into construction, our experienced trade leadership provided strong schedule support for the project and “bought in” to the lean construction protocols and 5-S program.

Finally, our commissioning experts were able to quickly resolve issues in the startup phase of the project given their proximity to the design development process early in the project. Ultimately, through a comprehensive target value budget approach, Murphy was able to maintain the budget through design, construction, and closeout with minimal changes. To accomplish this feat, engagement from our entire team was needed early in the project. The design-build approach provides the opportunity for vendors, trade foremen, commissioning experts, project management, and design engineers to create the design together, once. The creation of a constructible, efficient design is paramount in budget management, and this project was a success.

Owner Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority
Building Type New Construction
Project Size $2,900,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2019
Project Duration 26 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Hayden Rice
Piping Foreman: Matt Mischo
Plumbing Foreman: Doug Miner
Sheet Metal Foreman: Scott Jerlow

Project Team

General Contractor: Mortenson Construction
Engineer: Murphy Company
Architect: MOA Architecture
Electrical: Weifield
Controls: ATS

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal