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Frontier Airlines – DEN Hangar Upgrade

The Frontier Airlines DEN Hangar was in need of a full replacement of its 28-year-old system. This project included removing two large boilers and installing three new more efficient boilers leaving room for a fourth boiler should they feel like it was needed in the future, replacing ten AHUs throughout the building, eight hangar units, and six condensers on the roof. Frontier Airlines’ new system connects to JCI controls which can be monitored from a computer.

The largest portion of work performed at the Frontier Airlines Hangar consisted of replacing and installing the eight ceiling unit heaters. This portion of work was carried out over multiple days. Our team was careful installing the new units, considering there was only 3” of clearance from the top of the crane to the ceiling. The Murphy team and crane operator worked carefully to ensure a smooth crane pick and successful installation of each unit. There were four ceiling units on each side of the hangar.

To prevent a full building shutdown, the crane pick and airplane maintenance needed to be scheduled around one another. So long as the airplanes in the hangar were on the opposite side, the units could be installed. Considering the coordination required to install the units, there were two separate crane pick days.

In addition to the air handling units, Murphy replaced the two older boilers with three smaller and more efficient boilers. After installation, the HVAC team needed to reinstall and reroute the duct going from the boilers to the rest of the building. Working around existing piping and hardware proved to be a bit of a challenge but doable for the team. Murphy also installed the boiler flues and reestablished the necessary pipe connections. After the required temperature controls and electrical components were installed and operating, Murphy was able to run the newly installed units to ensure there were no issues.

Owner Frontier Airlines
Building Type Tenet Improvement
Project Size $3,000,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2022
Project Duration 13 Months

Murphy Team

Operations Manager: Matt Maurio
Project Manager: Chris Hornberger
Project Engineer: Eleanor Skinner
Superintendent: Brian Anderson
Preconstruction Manager: Matt Tien
Piping Foreman: Brian Anderson
Sheet Metal Foreman: Ken Dacorte

Project Team

General Contractor: Murphy
Engineer: AEI
Electrical: LEI

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal