KBI Biopharma – 300 L Train Process

KBI Biopharma hired Murphy Company to construct a new, small-scale 300L Production Suite to expand their production capabilities and provide more diverse manufacturing options for their clients. Our team was able to work closely with KBI to plan out the entire job from demolition to pre-fabrication, installation, and final commissioning.

Our craftsmen started by safely demoing the existing piping from the space to make room for the new piping. Murphy’s foreman worked with IPS, APECs, and KBI Biopharma to assist with the design of the piping layout and drawings. We were able to prefabricate 80% of the chilled water piping, along with the majority of process water and water for injection piping. The installation of all piping went smoothly and safely. The biggest challenge of the job was coordinating with CRB, Sturgeon Electric, and KBI Biopharma to make sure all our piping fit around the new walls, new electrical conduit, and boxes, and aligned with KBI Biopharma’s schedule of completion. CRB conducted daily pull-planning sessions in which Murphy was heavily involved. By meeting with the key contractors and KBI daily, we were able to coordinate with one other and met the aggressive schedule that was put in front of us.

Owner KBI Biopharma
Building Type New Construction
Project Size $4,000,000
Contract Type GMP
Completion Date 2018
Project Duration 6 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Brad Andrews
Piping Foreman: Jeff Barrera

Project Team

General Contractor: CRB Builders
Engineer: IPS Engineering
Electrical: Sturgeon Electric

Scope of Work

Process Piping