Planterra Foods

Planterra Foods is a new innovative plant-based protein start-up based in Colorado. It was founded in 2019 and is owned by JBS USA. Planterra has brought a variety of plant-based, high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable products to the market. This new facility manufactures chicken, bacon, turkey, and other beef alternatives.

Murphy Company was onboarded early, beginning with the demolition of the existing space, building new core and shell utilities, through creating processes to install the new
production equipment. The project began in June 2021, and we accomplished our aggressive goal of completing commissioning and product production by January 2022. This project was completed with 12,000 manhours and zero injuries. Murphy Company continues to work on-site at Planterra Foods with small stainless steel piping work and buildout plans for the future.

Owner Planterra Foods
Building Type New Construction
Project Size $1,100,000
Contract Type GMP
Completion Date 2022
Project Duration 12 Months

Murphy Team

Matt Tien: Operations Manager
Kris Coleman: Project Manager
Landon Little: Superintendent
Hayden Rice: Preconstruction Manager
Landon Little: Piping Foreman
Keith Sylber: Plumbing Foreman
Jeremiah Mays: Sheet Metal Foreman

Project Team

General Contractor: MBW Constructors
Engineer: Ally Energy Solutions
Electrical: Interstates Electrical

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal
Process Piping