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Facebook – Denver Office

Murphy Company was contracted to complete the 7th-floor renovation at Facebook’s 1600 19th Street facility. This tenant finish project consisted of plumbing, HVAC, and sheet metal work installed within the occupied building. Since the building was operational by the other tenants throughout construction, all materials had to be taken up via a small freight elevator. All plumbing and sheet metal was taken to the floor early which allowed Murphy to get installation in first. This along with parking downtown was the biggest hurdle for project completion. Facebook had many requirements for the aesthetic of the space (i.e., exposed ductwork was the main focus for Murphy) which our team met flawlessly.

Both the Saunders Construction and Facebook commented on how well the ductwork was installed and the look of it. Instead of the normal gray Pookie on the ductwork, Murphy used a clear sealant which when viewing the final product, gives a very clean yet operational ductwork system. On the plumbing side, it was unclear which kitchen components were going to be used and they relied heavily on our expertise for plumbing stub outs and locations. At end of the project, the kitchen equipment company was very pleased with the locations and amount of stub outs available, which made the kitchen work to its fullest.

We continued to prove our expertise even after Facebook opened its doors for business in November 2018. We were tasked with a few risk mitigation projects and have maintained a presence on the campus for additional system support. In this job, we established a partnership with Saunders Construction to ensure Facebook receives a space that works for their purposes and within budget.

Owner Facebook
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $1,000,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2019
Project Duration 8 Months

Murphy Team

Richard Anderson: Project Manager
Keith Sylber: Plumbing Foreman

Project Team

General Contractor: Saunders Construction
Engineer: WSP
Architect: Gensler
Electrical: Sturgeon Electric

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal