Loxo Oncology – Louisville Facility

Murphy Company was contracted by Whiting-Turner to build out an existing 135,000-square-foot spec industrial building into an office and lab environment for the company’s Chemistry and Biology departments. Working hand-in-hand with Whiting-Turner and WSP, Murphy was able to help fast-track the project with the construction and design teams while providing feedback and value to the owner through the design-assist process.

The Chemistry Lab was 24,000-square-foot and included fifty 10’ fume hoods along with support casework. The Biology department was 40,000-square-foot and included multiple biosafety cabinets and intense plumbing support. The mechanical and plumbing equipment that supported these spaces included the installation of new VAV energy recovery and DOAS units, VAV exhaust fans, chillers, boilers, waterside energy recovery units, lab valves, DI/RO water, air compressors, and vacuum pumps.

Murphy Company was able to complete this project on time and with ZERO safety incidents. The facility is now the new headquarters for the research facility where scientists research and develop cancer treatments such as the lung-cancer therapy Retevmo.

Owner Loxo Oncology
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $20,300,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2021
Project Duration 12 Months

Murphy Team

Matt Tien: Project Executive
Patrick Allen: Project Manager
Scott Jerlow: General Foreman
Doug Geist: Preconstruction Manager

Project Team

General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Engineer: WSP
Architect: CPG
Electrical: Encore Electric
Controls: LONG

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal
Process Piping