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Meramec Sharks Ice Arena

Murphy Company was contracted to complete an office renovation, ice rink installation, and emergency ventilation system for the Meramec Sharks.

The project consisted of converting an existing, non-insulated, tilt-up warehouse to a year-round ice arena. Our innovative design/build team helped establish the building envelope conditions for the roof, wall, and glass.

Designed an air distribution system to provide even airflow without disturbing the area directly above the ice. This system was coordinated to match team colors.

Researched and purchased a refurbished dehumidification system to maintain NHL conditions for the youth hockey club. This included a 96-degree dry bulb, and a 78-degree wet bulb, with a distribution duct. Utilizing refurbished equipment provided significant project savings while maintaining good energy costs.

Designed and installed HVAC system for ancillary areas including concession area, locker rooms, and offices.

Project Highlights:
– OFFICE RENOVATION – Provide and install HVAC system for 7,000 sq ft of office/public areas.
– ICE RINK – Provide and install an HVAC system to maintain NHL conditions at 95 deg dry bulb, and a 78 deg wet bulb, with an installation duct across the rink to maintain an even flow of conditioned air.
– ICE RINK EMERGENCY VENTILATION – Provide and install emergency ventilation for Zamboni operation activated by carbon monoxide sensor.


Owner Meramec Sharks Ice Arena
Building Type Ice Arena
Project Size $200,000
Contract Type Lump Sum, Design-Build
Completion Date 2010
Project Duration 7 Months

Murphy Team

Team Leader: Matt Foster
Project Manager: Tom White
Lead Engineer: Scott Musil
Piping Foreman: Steve Gannon

Project Team

General Contractor: ARCO Construction
Engineer: Murphy Company

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal