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Private Federal Client – 113 Reactor Lab & 115 Storage Remodel

Murphy Company was contracted by a private federal client to provide design-assist services for the hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and wildcard bulk storage distribution system. The objective was to deliver carbon monoxide and hydrogen directly to 12 research laboratories while also supplying carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane to a pilot plant within a lab testing facility.

The project was executed in a fully operational facility, requiring our team to collaborate closely with each lab group to minimize disruptions to their daily activities while ensuring a consistent flow of work.

Project Highlights:

  • Successfully led a comprehensive redesign of the flammable lab gas system (hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, wildcard gases).
  • Reduced the helium leak testing scope for flammable lab gases, saving approximately $200,000.
  • Achieved zero recordable injuries and zero first aid incidents.

The Murphy Company team effectively coordinated and executed the project, ensuring safe and seamless integration of the new system while maintaining uninterrupted lab and facility operations.

Owner Private Federal Client
Building Type New Construction
Project Size $2,100,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2022
Project Duration 25 Months

Murphy Team

Operations Manager: Scott McIntosh/Matt Tien
Project Manager: Mark Meston
Preconstruction Manager: Sean Pettitt
Piping Foreman: Edgar Salazar/Alan Varnado
Plumbing Foreman: Les Rice Sheet
Metal Foreman: Joe Oletski

Project Team

General Contractor: Sun Construction
Engineer: Cator Ruma & Associates
Architect: PEH Architects
Electrical: Cator Ruma & Associates

Scope of Work

Sheet Metal
Process Piping