Sigma-Aldrich (Millipore Sigma)

This high-tech project involved the installation of a new HVAC system, high-purity piping, and tanks to expand production capacity at Sigma-Aldrich’s Broadway plant (existing building). Murphy Company fabricated the entire sheet metal and piping and installed all assemblies. Performing this installation within tight spaces (40’ x 40’ for one of the rooms) and within a very demanding five-month schedule were the most challenging aspects of this project. In addition, several different trades were working simultaneously in the small space. Three months into the project, approximately 30% of the scope/design requirements had changed, also requiring a quick response.

Our team did a significant amount of work with elevations involving preliminary CAD layouts. All the high-purity lines had to be sloped for drainage, avoiding any pockets or low spots. All lines drained either towards pumps or tanks, and needed to be completely clear of obstructions. We had to avoid any interference with ductwork along the way. All design and engineering were handled by CRB. In order to ensure proper fabrication and smooth installation, our VDC staff and fabrication shop were very instrumental in the success of this project. All designs were spooled up and drawn for fabrication using VDC.

All the high-purity lines within the production area were insulated and had PVC jackets so piping can be wiped down and cleaned. Three of the five large tanks were hoisted and lowered by crane through two separate roof areas, which needed to be reinforced for the installation. Also, the final tie-in to the existing production involved a tight schedule and close coordination with Sigma-Aldrich’s production staff. Because of the tight work area, our team worked hard to make sure installations were done in the proper sequence. Also, we ensured all piping was perfect and fully tested before other crews completed the drywall. We often worked “spot” overtime to accommodate other trades and to ensure the schedule went smoothly.

Owner Sigma-Aldrich (Millipore Sigma)
Building Type Retrofit
Project Size $2,200,000
Contract Type Lump Sum
Completion Date 2011
Project Duration 5 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Tom Meyer
Fabrication Manager: Gary DeFosset
Piping Foreman: Don Billington
Plumbing Foreman: Mike Powell
Sheet Metal Foreman: Keith Shaw

Project Team

Engineer: CRB

Scope of Work

Process Piping
Sheet Metal