Stifel Theatre (Peabody Opera House)

Murphy Company was contracted to provide new heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning for the former Kiel Opera House (not previously air-conditioned), plus all mechanical and plumbing renovations, for its transformation into the new downtown Peabody Opera House. All old equipment was demolished and removed from the building. Two new 8” chilled water lines were brought in from the adjacent Scottrade Center; a new heat exchanger was installed in the basement (fired off Trigen steam loop) for hot water; and all new hot and chilled water was created for the entire building.

New ductwork was installed, connecting air handling equipment to existing ductwork; some existing ductwork was repaired or replaced, re-using what was usable. We renovated the entire plumbing system, again, reusing what we could of the existing system. We cleaned and repaired all existing systems and replaced
what was needed. We also ran a new water service into the building from the street and added several bathrooms to meet current code requirements.

Owner Stifel Theater
Building Type Renovation
Project Size $7,500,000
Contract Type Design-Build
Completion Date 2011
Project Duration 18 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: John Koebbe
Piping Foreman: Randy Dirnberger
Plumbing Foreman: Bruce Naumann
Sheet Metal Foreman: Rick Brazee

Project Team

General Contractor: Paric
Engineer: Martinex & Johnson
Electrical: Kaiser Electric

Scope of Work

HVAC Piping
Sheet Metal