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Meridian cGMP 2 Outage Work – Seven Phases

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Meridian Outage Work – Seven Phases – Existing Building and Addition

The project was worked over the course of seven phases, which included outages (some very brief, others much more invasive) as well as work done on the building exterior outside of outage windows. We primarily worked for the EPC contractor, Burns & McDonnell. We did have some small scopes directly for the plant and one scope directly for another design firm hired by Meridian.

General Scope
Provide all pipe work (and all interior ductwork) to connect five new AHUs (provided and installed previously by others) on the platform above the pre-fab building to the existing duct inside the clean production building. Scope to include new fan filter units (HEPA), new controls, new split systems, new air devices, new in-duct equipment (heaters, humidifiers, fans, etc.), and an extensive demo of existing duct and AHUs (on the roof and in the interstitial space).

Install new ceiling plenum with integral fans and HEPA filters for RM 104 (production suite) of the clean production facility.

Install new compressed air equipment (two sets of compressors, air dryer, and storage tank) in the new CA/WFI building addition. Route the new CA to the new storage tank in RM 71 (water processing) and connect to the existing CA system. Demo old CA equipment. Run new CA loop around existing clean production building, with new point-of-use drops.

Install a new WFI (water for injection) loop around the existing clean production building, with new point-of-use drops. Scope originally included the supply and installation of new WFI equipment for this loop, but Meridian ended up canceling that portion once they determined that they needed more future capacity than the new equipment would have provided.

Provide and install a ventilation duct for the rotating storage unit (the Hanel unit) building a new addition.

Provide and install all associated water and drainage systems.

Provide and install new drain and vent lines.

Complexity and Challenges
This project was required to be completed in a short amount of time requiring a lot of non-invasive pre-work and post-work to remain in FDA compliance outside of the planned outage. The planned outage was 3 weeks in total. This outage was preceded by a two week period to prepare and followed up by 3 weeks of test and balance as well as commissioning and validation.

Use of Chicago Clamp under roof support system to avoid hot work.


Owner Meridian Medical Technologies
Building Type Pharmaceutical Processing
Project Size $2,600,000
Contract Type GMP, Plan/Spec
Completion Date October 2020
Project Duration 24 Months

Murphy Team

Project Manager: Jamie Higgins

Sheet Metal Foreman: Ben Altheimer

Pipefitter Foreman: Dan Wieczorek

Project Team

General Contractor: Burns & McDonnell

Engineer: Burns & McDonnell

Architect: Burns & McDonnell

Scope of Work

Process Piping